Get inspired. Create better campaigns.

What does all great campaigns have in common? 🤔


They’re inspired by something or someone.


It could be an ad you’ve seen.


It could be a company you admire.


It could also be something completely random that happened in your private life.

Insply is the worlds first inspiration software (browser extension) for LinkedIn 💭

Currently in public beta and completely free.

Welcome to the first inspiration software for LinkedIn.

Great advertising always tells us a good story. Great ads have cogent, understandable, and entertaining storylines that engage the audience and pull them into the world of your brand. If your brand isn't telling a good story, it should be.

How it works


View paid ads on LinkedIn

Yes. This is something that you can do manually within LinkedIn, but it's time consuming. Simply search for and enter a company within LinkedIn and their ads will automatically be shown in the extension.

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Add companies as favorites

Want to keep track of specific companies? You can add up to 10 favorites and view their ads from wherever you are in the LinkedIn platform.

Notifications for new ads

Not only can you keep track of all the ads a company is running, you will also get notified when they launch something new. Competitor research anyone? 😏

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Save individual ads

So you've found an ad you think is truly amazing, what's next? With one click you can save it to your inspirational ads library to make sure you never forget it.

Share with your colleagues

Now, it's time to get to work. Share the URL of your favorite ad with your colleagues and start drafting your new campaign, more inspired than ever.

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Run through Insply in 4 minutes


It's time to create better campaigns.